Since 1994, I have worked in political advertising, conceiving and producing media campaigns for clients all around the country. During my career I helped create award-winning media and products, winning the American Association of Political Consultants' "Pollie" several times for my work.

Today, I use the skills I learned in that rough and tumble industry - creativity, resourcefulness and attention to detail - to online publishing and in the film industry. My complete resume can be found on LinkedIn.

Among the online projects I've produced is the "N Judah Chronicles" blog, where I write about San Francisco urban life and history from the perspective of the MUNI rider.

The blog was voted by readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian as "Best Local Blog" in 2008, and has received recognition locally since 2005. In 2010, I co-authored a cover story for San Francisco Weekly about Muni's problems, "The Muni Death Spiral." The cover story was one of the most popular in the paper's history and had an impact on the ongoing civic discussion about San Francisco transit policy. In addition, I contribute to the San Francisco Chronicle's Bay Area Transit Blog.

Other successful projects that I've contributed to include working with award winning director William Gazecki on "Behind the Masks: The Story of the Screen Actors Guild," which documented of the 75+ year history of the Screen Actors Guild.

In 2010, I produced the Muni Rider Voter Guide, which educated votes in San Francisco about candidates' views on transit issues during the 2010 election cycle. The project was well received by both voters and candidates as a non-partisan source of information on a topic critical to many San Francisco residents.

In 2008 I produced a viral campaign for a fictitious presidential candidate ("Adama for President 2008") that took advantage of the popularity of the SyFy network program "Battlestar Galactica" and the Obama for President campaign. With only a minimal investment of money, a viral campaign that used Facebook and blogs to earn a significant profit. The effort attracted attention from major media outlets, and the "Admiral" himself, Edward James Olmos. The project demonstrated the possibilities of viral marketing for self-published creators.

I apply my years of experience in political ads, California politics and the unique politics of San Francisco at Disinfo Rehab, where I deconstruct ads, speeches, the news media, spin, and whatever else I find interesting.

I am available for work developing new projects for clients in and out of the political world, and have extensive experience as a copywriter, online ad production, direct mail, and online publishing. Contact me via the email address listed below and let's talk about how I can help you out.


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